AMB. PETER COLE-GMD is a pioneer member of Achievas Entertainment. He is also the Group Managing Director of Achievas Group of Companies which is made up of Ocean Glory Commodities Ltd., Achievas Entertainment and Friends of Love Support Foundation for the less privileged.

AMB. PAUL COLE-CEO (also known as) Ossy Achievas is the brain behind Achievas Entertainment. He has been in the Entertainment Industry for decades. Ossy ventured into the business because of the love and passion he has for entertainment. He holds a first degree in International Relations/History. He is also the Deputy Managing Director of Ocean Glory Commodities Limited, a shipping company with major interest in oil and gas.


GOD’S GIFT COLE-DIRECTOR is a music and boxer promoter based in the United State of America. In the course of his career, he has worked with prominent international artiste. He is also the Assistant General Manager of Ocean Glory commodities limited.