One of the youngest and most celebrated artiste of his native country CAMEROON, Excel Chinepoh aka XCELLENTE is credited with being one of the key figures in the rise of Cameroon musical sound.
His distinctive blend of traditional African music, with a blend of classical RnB and afro pop in English and French influence creates a vibe that is contemporary and universal while maintaining a clear African identity.
Just as he has done with the seemingly effortless balance of commercial success with awe-inspiring critical acclaim, Xcellente, the Cameroonian born, bred, packaged and promoted artist is maintaining his growing status as an authentic brand, highlighting the fact and keeps inspiring millions of young Cameroonians to keep the faith that no matter where one is born, no matter where one is based, world class results can be achieved with hard work and the right attitude.
Born in Bamenda province, Cameroon on the 16th of march 1991 to Mr. and Mrs. Chinepoh, the young man fell in love with music from a tender age, but was advised to study which he equally did, obtaining his ordinary school certificate from Pchs Mankon, and proceeded to go professional as he bagged a professional degree in Marketing (CIM) and an ABE in Business Admin.

In 2008, Xcellente went after his musical dream and recorded the phenomenally successful solo debut in Cameroon; Someday E go Better, which included the Cameroonian anthem, “E go Better” and shaye which he shot a video for in South Africa in 2010.